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Vincent D'Onofrio Fanfiction

We've lost our minds.

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This community is for you, the fans of Vincent D'Onofrio. Here you're encouraged to post your VDO fanfiction. It can be any kind.
It can be for any character in any movie, it can be for Law and Order:Criminal Intent, it can be your own personal fantasy about VDO written down, or if you're like me, feel free to amuse yourself and everyone else by writing about VDO and relationships with other people in Hollywood, so long as it's not Greta Scacchi. =P
I figured it was about time someone created a community that doesn't have a specified range.
However, there are a few rules.

1) The main rule, is that everything posted must relate to Vincent D'Onofrio in some way shape or form. Even if it's a round-about way, if it goes back to VDO, feel free.
2) Remember that everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, and everyone has their own style. Please be mature with your criticism. Flat out rudeness will not be tolerated.
3) Please remember to place all stories behind an lj-cut, and include a bried summary with your story if possible (if not, I understand how difficult it can be to summarize your own story, so dont worry) and a rating.
4) Pictures and articles are welcome as well.
5) Tell your friends!
6) No Greta Scacchi...unless it's a death announcement. >.< I really dislike her, and the mere mention of her name is enraging. We'll pretend she doesn't exist! Delight!

Remember, we're all just a bunch of fans coming together to indulge each other and obsess as one. It's a beautiful thing, really. =*_*= I think he'd be proud....or he'd sue us. =/
Let's not think about such things.

Here's the rating system I'd like everyone to use. It's fairly simple.
G- You'd read it to your children...or parents.
PG-- Same as above, only language goes here.
R- Violence, language, alluding to anything sexual goes here.
NC-17- Sex. Seriously, anything sexual written out goes here. If you're not sure, please use this rating to be safe.

It's fairly simple. The ratings system is for the best, as there's a good chance there are under aged people on here who shouldn't read certain things, and also some people just aren't interested in that kind of thing. So please remember to rate your stories to keep the environment pleasant.
That's pretty much it for me.
On with the fun!